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Hackathon for Textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:44 am

If you presumed hackathons were exclusively for coders, you assumed wrong. Last week, edtech start-up Limitless hosted a hackathon except for writing textbooks rather than code.

The company, who works to provide free, online textbooks to scholars, hosted just about 2 dozen physicists from MIT, Harvard, Boston School , Brandies, and a number of other local faculties and firms in their office for a three-day long content hackathon. In the a few days, the hackers curated open tutorial resources to make a free, open physics textbook ready-made to introductory college-level or AP Physics classes, and finished a 3rd of the textbook in a weekend a lot quicker than the generally long, two-year-long process it routinely takes writers to finish a textbook. Boundless' dedication to making education reasonable and instructional resources more open is praiseworthy, and the concept of a hackathon to make free textbooks is a pretty inventive idea, considering scholars are paying anywhere from $200-500 for textbooks in a normal semester.

Nonetheless I'd be interested to see the finalized profuct, and if the standard of a textbook made in a week comes near to that of one produced after a number of years of research. While writing a textbook in a week actually sounds rather like a more effective and cheap process than paying analysts and editors for 2 years, if the quality's not there, the savings don't matter. But either way, it is a step in the correct direction towards taking quality open instructional resources and making them more accessible and simple to utilize for scholars. Providing free, excellent quality content is critical now, as the current textbook system, as is, is damaged past repair . Trying new strategies and fiddling with digital open content is more significant now than previously.
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