Harvard Fellow’s E-Textbook Reinventing an Aging Industry

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Harvard Fellow’s E-Textbook Reinventing an Aging Industry

Postby cheap-textbooks » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:00 pm

Harvard Fellow's E-Textbook Start-up is a project that intends to reinvent the concept of the standard textbook, galvanized by the accelerating use of iPads and other Ebooks by scholars. That project is known as College Yourself.

Set up by Zach Wissner-Gross and John Lee, who both studied physics at MIT and went on to keep on their studies at Harvard and MIT respectively, the company is making high school- and college-level electronic textbooks for maths and science that are completely interactive. Its approach, according to College Yourself's official site, puts a heavy stress on step by step direction and easy-to-understand visible demos which make learning less confusing and more interactive, kind of like having a virtual mentor in easy reach. Its first book, titled "Trigonometry," includes over seventy video lessons and thirty proactive interactive features imbedded in the book. That makes for just about 5 hours of animated video total.

In the firm's bio on the Harvard Invention lab's web site, College Yourself announces it is making textbooks for a new generationthe one that's "accustomed to interactive gaming and enticing media." With scholars increasingly using social media and video in their day to day lives, College Yourself is discovering a way to acclimatize to the changing times and present learning how to this generation in a format that's more familiar. The standard 600-page book with more text than pictures isn't extremely attractive to ( or effective for ) everybody. Beside being clear and easy, College Yourself books are, most importantly, making absolutely certain that learning is lots of fun. Mentioning "unimaginative" early efforts in the electronic textbook market, College Yourself claims that it hopes to "provide an exciting and immersive learning experience" that'll be deserving in itself instead of simply be an extra version of original textbooks. Founder Wissner-Gross found inspiration for the e-books because, as a Harvard teaching fellow, he noticed that games charm scholars and galvanize them to be engaged, in the opinion of the Harvard Crimson. So far, 2 books"Trigonometry" and "Hands-On Precalculus"are for sale in the Apple iBookstore. "Trigonometry" is available at a wildly cost-effective $4.99, and "Precalculus" is free. The subsequent book to be rolled out is "Hands-on Calculus," available shortly.
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