Four Reasons To Rent Textbooks

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Four Reasons To Rent Textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:14 pm

College is expensive these days. On top of the expense you have to worry about how to pay for your textbooks. The Government Accounting Office reported that the cost of textbooks had almost tripled.
Not only are new textbooks expensive, if you try to sell back the books to your campus bookstore, you get pennies on the dollar. Even used textbooks are expensive and generate little at buyback time
There is another option - rent books for college. Some college book store have begun renting out textbooks. In addition there are over a dozen sites on the web that will allow you to rent your college textbooks. Here are the four top reasons to rent books for college:

1. Cost - You can rent a college textbook for far cheaper than buying one. Rental textbooks cost about half of the price of a new textbook. Rental is also cheaper because you do not have to tie up cash up front hoping for good resale value at the end of the class.

2. No Buyback Worries - When you rent your textbooks, you don't have to worry about selling them back when you are done with them. There is no stress over how much money you will get of if a new edition will be released eliminating your sell back chances!

3. Convenience - Renting college textbooks online is easy. You simply go online, enter your information, and your book is on its way. Most sites even inclose a prepaid return label

4. Money Back – Most textbook rental sites offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a great thing if you order the wrong book or you drop a class.

Using a textbook rental comparison site to find the cheapest textbook rental prices can save you a lot of cash. You will also have less stress. Stop wasting all of that money when you buy books? Check out renting a college textbook online today!
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Re: Four Reasons To Rent Textbooks

Postby bookgator » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:54 am

Its advantageous to rent textbooks especially for minor classes. For major courses one has to buy in order to provide you additional resources as you go through your reviews and especially if your degree requires board exams at the end before one gets the full or be conferred the degree. In any case, renting has its advantage as well. is a social platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work together to reduce cost of college textbooks and education in general.

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