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Were Can I Rent Textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:15 pm

Purchasing college textbooks can be almost as expensive as paying the costs of tuition these days. In an attempt to save money students are asking the question, "Where can I rent my college textbooks?"
You have a number of options for renting college textbooks. Most people turn to the Internet to find their textbooks. However, there are a now a number of campus bookstores which are beginning to offer rental textbooks as well.
Not all of the college campus bookstores which offer textbook rentals advertise this option. This means you'll need to ask someone in charge about your options.
To locate a good online source to rent your textbooks is a textbook price comparison service. Most of these sites not only list new and used prices but many now many include information from the textbook rental sites. The price comparison report not only shows which websites stock your book and offer it as a rental report enables you to see if rental is indeed cheaper than buying your textbook used.
One thing that will affect the price is the term of the rental, from 30, 45 or 60 days, to quarter and semester . Be sure to select term and gives you enough time use the textbook including during finals. A nice side benefit is if you change your mind and drop the class a number of rental companies provide you a 100% money back guarantee for any book returned within 30 days of renting.
Make sure you check out the shipping options. Some online textbook rental companies offer free shipping for delivery and most offer free shipping for the return of the texts.
Remember that renting is a contract between you and the rental company. Be sure to read the rental terms especially those dealing with late returns lost textbooks and of course the condition that the textbook must be in when returned. With just a little research it will be easy to know where to rent textbooks.
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