How do I get the most money when I sell my textbooks?

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How do I get the most money when I sell my textbooks?

Postby cheap-textbooks » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:32 pm

Selling textbooks yourself, directly to the end user is where you make the most money. Amazon, Half and Craigslist as well as campus websites are the best. I recommend Amazon and Half because they get a high volume of used textbook buyers. Craigslist is a local solution that saves shipping issues but there is a limited set of buyers.

If you dont want the work of listing and managing the sale and are willing to take less there are a lot of online book sellers that will buy your books. Amazon, Chegg, eCampus and others will buy back your used textbooks. Both and provide a buy back quote tool that will provide sell back bids from multiple sites. It is nice seeing book sellers bidding for your business

What have you found as the best way to unload your used textbooks?
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