Do You Know Where The Cheapest Books Are?

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Do You Know Where The Cheapest Books Are?

Postby cheap-textbooks » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:51 pm

Do you know how and where to find cheap textbooks? As a college student you know that textbooks are expensive. A recent study showed many students are choosing not to even buy textbooks and are instead relying on the Internet to find the information needed for their classes. There are other choices that save students money while providing needed textbooks.
The most important step is to use a price comparison service. These services not only locate the cheapest new and used textbooks prices and sites they also report on the cheapest rental rates. International Edition availability and pricing as well as digital availability and pricing should also be listed. Shopping without using a price comparison service is a invitation to overpay for your textbooks.
Rental textbooks are a good solution when a new textbook or new version of a textbook is released. There is no used inventory of new versions of textbooks available. Using a textbook rental website provides a lower cost option than buying new from the bookstore.
If you are buying a used textbook make sure you return to the textbook comparison site when the course is over. You can get the going rate for used textbooks if choose to sell the textbook yourself. The service should also be able to provide buyback quote comparison report to maximize the buyback money you get.
As a student you have many more options than just price. Media choices include paper and digital. Acquisition options include buying or renting as well as downloading. Most rental sites even give you a selection of rental length. The key is to use the available tools to shop informed. With over 50 well established college textbook websites there is a wide variation of pricing and offers. Help push down textbook prices, only buy from the cheapest source.
We do not sell textbooks, we show you the cheapest sources

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