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Buy Cheap College Text Books

Postby cheap-textbooks » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:54 pm

It's is almost that time of year again, time to start planning for your next semester. It is amazing how fast a new semester sneaks up on us. One of the un-pleasantries that arise with a new semester is the need to purchase your textbooks. You could stroll down to the University bookstore where they will be glad to relieve you of a ton of cash. Or you could use an online textbook site to acquire your textbooks at a much lower price.
Did you know that the average student spends over $900 a year on textbooks? And if they use student loan money for the textbooks they not only are paying the $900 now but are paying interest on this money year after year until the student loans are paid off. After just a few years this means you are really spending $1500 or more for one year worth of textbooks. This makes finding cheap college textbooks even more important.
The first step is to log into your school’s website and look up your courses to get a list of the required textbooks. Once you have this list of books you can go online to find them as cheap used textbooks or as rental textbooks. But which format is cheaper, buying used or renting? Depending on the book needed the answer is not always the same.
One of the best tools to find who offers the cheapest price and the cheapest format is to use a textbook price comparison service. Enter the ISBN and get a report that lists all of the used textbook and rental textbook sites with their prices. When comparing textbook prices remember that rental textbooks do not have any sell back value. The cheapest price will not be at the same site for all your textbooks. Pricing is based on supply and demand and changes daily. It is important to price compare each and every book to maximize your savings.
We do not sell textbooks, we show you the cheapest sources

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