Digital textbooks unfair to low-income kids

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Digital textbooks unfair to low-income kids

Postby cheap-textbooks » Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:38 pm

Todays piece is from John Richard Schrock:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan's announcement last week that American faculties should convert to a hundred p.c digital textbooks made public again how he's insulated from the North American public study room and economically poor scholars. One presidential applicant says sorry for his "47 percent" problem. This is Duncan's "40 percent" problem. 4 in ten American homes aren't hooked up to broadband Web . Access isn't spread uniformly.

Homes and colleges in the rich suburbs of Johnson County might be close to one hundred % connected. Many western Kansas rustic college districts could have less than 1/2 homes connected. And six p.c of the most remote homes, rich or not, are outside the reach of any broadband Web .

The price of purchasing a PC to stay abreast of new software and demands for Net speed and memory needs a well off revenue in a recession economy. Since 2008, a torrent of info has shown the increasing number of school-kids who live in misery. A significant number don't have enough to eat. It should be clear to college directors who work outside the rich suburbs that big numbers of homes lack PCs and Web connections. Yet after I wrote a commentary a few months back about how only sixty % of scholars have Web access, I received replies from teachers and elders across the state saying that some Kansas college directors already had moved teaching materials online, in a number of cases to cover their insufficiency in textbooks. When I asked how they were providing for the scholars who are lacking Net at home, the reply was that these scholars would work online in a study period or after college in the highschool PC lab.

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