Why students should consider renting there textbooks

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Why students should consider renting there textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:37 pm

Textbook costs have always been a problem for college students. A new student may find it quite a shock on their first visit to the bookstore to find that textbooks sell for hundreds of dollars. You only have to check out the prices for one or two classes to find yourself looking for an alternative. An alternative may be renting your college textbooks. Renting textbooks has a number of positives.

The first positive is that you're going to be able to save money. I renting instead of purchasing your textbooks you'll be able to spend less money. With tuition and lab fees and other school expenses on the rise saving money on textbooks is critical. Renting textbooks usually has the lowest upfront cost of any method for getting your textbooks.

The next positive is that you do not have to worry about how much the book will be worth at the end of the course. I'm sure you've taken book back to the bookstore that cost you hundreds of dollars only to be offered $20 or $30 as a buyback value. In of the new edition is scheduled to come out with the bookstore Artie has a large inventory they may not even offer to buy your book back.

Another positive has to with the condition of the book. In your bayous book only to find excessive highlighting, unreadable notes, or even pages missing. The textbook companies inspect every textbook on return to make sure of the quality of the textbooks they rent.

A fourth positive of renting is that many of the rental companies offer a 30 day guarantee. If you get the book and find it is wrong book or on the first day of the class the professor informs you that it's really an optional book that will not be used much you may be able to return the book and get your rental fee back. Even if you find you can't return the book early for a refund you're stuck with paying a cheap textbook rental fee instead of the large purchase cost.
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