What Exactly Is ISBN?

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What Exactly Is ISBN?

Postby cheap-textbooks » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:06 pm

Students can buy textbooks in different ways now, which is very helpful for students looking for the cheapest textbooks for school. When you buy textbooks in your school, the bookstore will recognize the books you need by name. However, when you search for books in used bookstores or online, you will need a way to identify the exact book you need.

So when you start your search for your textbooks, you will need the ISBN numbers in order to buy the correct book. These numbers are standard among all bookstores and libraries worldwide to catalog their books and as basis when they sell books to students. This is why, when students start looking for books to buy online, you will need to first input these digits to identify the textbook you need.

But what exactly do these numbers stand for?

The International Standard Book Number contains 13 digits, all of which represent unique characteristics of the book published:

All current numbers start with "978" to represent published books. The next numbers represent the country and language the book came from. Afterwards come the digits that identify the specific publisher. Publishers will need to register in agencies specific to their country in order to get their publisher numbers. The next digits will represent the exact title and edition of the book you need. For every edition of your textbook, there will be a unique ISBN number. The last number is for validation.

Previously, there were only 10 digits, but with the expansion of the industry and the number of books being published, the 3 digits were added. These numbers are also paired with a barcode helpful for bookstores selling these books.

Why do you need to know the ISBN number of your textbook?

This number helps students like you in your search for cheap textbooks online. With the ability to identify any textbook to help you search online, comparison between offers is much easier. For bookstores and libraries, these numbers will be a standard worldwide identification system for textbooks published anywhere in the world.

So when you receive the list of books you need for school, make sure you find out what the ISBN number of your books are. Then head off to online bookstores, input the digits and you will be able to browse different sellers for new or used copies of your textbook for purchase or rental. With this one unique identifier, what could have been a difficult and exhausting search becomes easy and 100% sure.
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